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If you’re facing time in court because of a crime that you were accused of, then you want it to be as smooth a process as possible. In other words, you want to avoid perjuring yourself in whatever way possible. It’s commonly thought that perjury and lying are synonymous terms; that in a court of law it is a crime to lie. While there are many similarities, there are some key differences.

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Critical Distinction of Perjury

According the U.S. Code, a person perjures themselves if they do any or all of the following:

  • A person has taken an oath before an officer, another person, or a tribunal
  • In any case where the law of the United States authorizes an oath to be administered
  • A person will testify, depose, declare, or certify truly or in any written form as well
  • Lastly, that this person willingly goes against the oath statements or provides material that he/she believes to be untrue

The reason that there exists a distinction is that there is an oath present in the case of perjury. By swearing an oath in a court of law, and then proceeding to break said oath, you are going beyond the traditional concept of lying. An example may be that the person testifying omits necessary information for the purposes of earning a desired verdict. If you leave out information that is not pertinent however, and are still charged, there is likely an unjustified charge.

Possible Penalties for Perjury

Should you be found guilty of this charge, you are looking at a few different circumstances for punishment. Typically there is always a fine of sorts, which varies depending on the severity of the crime. Prison terms of up to five years may also be issued, and it’s possible that you may get both.

In order to be convicted of perjury, you will have to go through the same process like all other crimes. An attorney claiming that you perjured is not enough, and you must be formally charged.

Hiring the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Regardless of the severity of your case, if you’re facing charges of perjury, it’s important that you seek out a local law firm, one that has the experience and knowledge necessary to get you the verdict that you desire. At Grozinger Law, P.A., you will have the best attorneys on your side, who will fight to keep your future from being tarnished. Not only can we aid in your perjury case, but we can help you in whatever legal matter you’re facing. Contact our offices today and see how we can help you; you don’t have to do it alone.