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Restraining Orders

Have you or a loved one recently felt as though you needed to get court ordered protection? If you’ve been harassed, or abused, and need to prevent someone from coming near, then you’re in need of a restraining order. Finding the right attorney for this purpose can be tough, but there are some things to know.

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Restraining orders are often confused with protective orders, and while both provide protection from an individual or individuals, their difference lies in their length as a restraining order is traditionally temporary. It is also considered to be generally less powerful than a protective order, however it is still effective at preventing someone who is potentially harmful to you, and can also set the precedent for getting a protective order. These types of orders are most commonly seen in cases of domestic violence or after divorces.

What to Look for From Your Attorney

It’s important to sit and consult with all attorneys that you may be considering. You’ll often times get a lot more information from them during this time, and you may realize that there are other alternatives to your request. However, the most important aspect of the attorney should be their history in the realm of domestic violence.

A lawyer that has a history with domestic violence cases has seen countless numbers of restraining orders come across their desk. In addition, there may be elements of your case that are being overlooked, and an experienced attorney will be able to see those aspects and potentially improve your case. Abuse to you or a loved one is no laughing matter, and needs to be addressed the moment that it arises, as it is very common that domestic abuse is an indication of a pattern not an incident. While getting a restraining order is a great step, it should not be the last one. Any incidents of harassment, especially those that result in physical or emotional harm, should be brought to a court of law by a professional.

Patrick Grozinger provides his clients with the level of professionalism that they deserve, whilst also giving them compassion and dedication that goes above and beyond what the expectation is. So if you’ve been the victim of domestic abuse, or know someone that has, do not hesitate to reach out to our offices. We’re here to make your life easier, in whatever way we can, from restraining orders and protective orders, to actual representation.

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