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Orlando Juvenile Defense Attorney

You are not going out into the world with the idea that you are going to be arrested. During the time that you are a young adult, under the age of 18, you are making mistakes that can land you in some trouble. If you are a juvenile that has violated some law in the state of Florida, you should know what to expect so that you and your family can prepare for the situation. The process that is followed for a juvenile that committed a crime is different from the one that might happen when an adult breaks the law. In the Orlando area, there is a juvenile court system that is set up for minors who get into trouble with the law. Just like adults, juveniles do have Constitutional rights and that goes along with them throughout the court process at all times.

If you are arrested for breaking a law, depending on what law it is, the police officer involved could just issue you a warning and you will be let go. Sometimes, the law that you broke might be a little more serious and that is where the case takes a different turn. You could be held until your parent shows up and at the worst, be referred to the juvenile court system. If and when your case goes to court, there will be a few deciding factors that you should keep in mind. The court is going to look at:

  • The offenders age
  • The severity of the offense
  • Any past record
  • Strength of the evidence
  • Juveniles gender
  • Social history
  • The ability of the parents to control the child’s behavior

All of the things listed here will be considered for your case in the Orland Juvenile Court System. Knowing these before you head to court can help you to prepare. If the case that you need an attorney, they will also prepare with this information. For most of the cases that a juvenile is involved in, it will be handled informally and you may not need a lawyer. On the average, about 20 percent of cases in the juvenile court system are dismissed, while another 25 percent of them are handled in a less formal way. If your case is one of the 25 percent, there a few ways that a result can be handed down for you.

A few of the outcomes for your case can be listening to a lecture about your crime, having to attend counseling or even after school classes, repay any victims for damages that you caused or even just having to pay a simple fine. In some cases, you might be able to perform community service or enter a probation situation. All of the informal outcomes are quite light and they are going to play on how severe the offense was. If you are a juvenile that has been charged with a crime as an adult, things are going to be very different for you. If for any reason that the juvenile was abusive or neglectful during the crime, they could be removed from parental custody.

If you are a juvenile going into the adult court system, that might be the time you consult an attorney like Patrick Grozinger from Grozinger Law, P.A. in the Orlando area. In most of the states, a juvenile must be at least 16 to be waived into adult court. If that is you, you should know that you have the right to a jury trial in adult court. The odds that a jury in adult court will be more sympathetic towards you are very good and in some states, you case could be tried quickly due to overbooking and too many names on the docket. The bad thing about adult court is that the punishments are typically more harsh and that could include a life sentence. If you are a juvenile charged with a serious crime, you should contact an experience attorney for more information regarding your options.

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