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Are you a college student who is looking to get a little extra help towards earning your legal degree? Grozinger Law, P.A. has recently created two new opportunities for just this purpose. It is our goal to facilitate the education of up and coming attorneys, so we used this aim to give any student seeking a legal degree a great chance at earning some extra funds to be spent towards attaining said degree.

Paralegal Career Scholarship

Going to school to become a paralegal can be challenging, and the added pressure of tuition and materials costs can be a huge burden on the shoulders of many students. So what can you do to alleviate some of this pressure? We are now giving you the chance to submit a 200-300 word essay telling us why you’re seeking a paralegal position. Once a year we will take a look at all submissions and pick the best response; the winner will receive a $250 scholarship for the school they are attending. So if you feel as though your aims are better than most, we highly suggest submitting your essay to our offices. You’ve got much to gain and little to lose, so why not take this chance!

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Domestic Violence Law Firm Scholarship

In 2015 alone, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, every nine seconds in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten. In addition, one of out every three women, and one out of every four men have been victims at some point in their lives. These numbers are staggering, and when someone takes it upon themselves to defend those affected, we must herald them. It’s a noble effort to want to seek a career as a domestic violence attorney, and we want to do everything we can to help those persons achieve their goals. If you are in a pre-law, paralegal, or criminal justice program, and have been affected in some way by domestic violence, we urge you to enter for a chance to win our $250 scholarship. Simply submit a 200-300 word essay about how it has affected you, and you are entered for this opportunity, which will go a long way to earning your legal degree. We will thoroughly read all submissions and determine the most appropriate participant, so make sure that you are part of the entries; after all, if you submit, you’ve already got a leg up over the countless students who haven’t.

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Grozinger Law, P.A. is a huge proponent of culturing new attorneys. We want you to have the best education possible, while also helping you to avoid financial problems. Our scholarships provide you this chance, and can go a long way to getting you the degree you so desire. We look forward to reading your submissions, and hope that you will become a great attorney after graduation.