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So you’ve committed a crime and are now being charged; it’s guaranteed that it’s going to be classified as an infraction, misdemeanor, or a felony. What determines that is the severity of the crime you committed. Typically the more serious the charge, the punishment follows suit. If you’re facing any level of charge, it’s imperative that you have the best representation available. With a skilled criminal defense attorney at your side, you may be able to avoid those punishments.


Violating the law, while easy to define, has a lot of variables involved. In the case where your actions result in an infraction, you may not even be committing a crime. Typically, cases involving traffic violations fall into this category, because they’re not “crimes” in the true sense, but they do disobey the law. Punishments for these are traditionally tickets or citations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t set you back. A speeding ticket is an unexpected expense, so why would you just accept it and move on? Finding someone who can fight for you and get that ticket waived could put that money right back into your pocket. Every case can be fought, even the smaller ones.


This is the middle rung in the ladder of crime. While infractions may seem like slaps on the wrist, a misdemeanor can seriously affect your life. You may face severe fines, reputation damage, and possibly jail time. These crimes don’t follow you on your record, but they may still have a social implication for you. Misdemeanor penalties are always served on a local level rather than a state or federal level, but you still want to avoid them whenever possible. There’s always a defense to a crime, so if you’re looking at misdemeanor charges, it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.


The granddaddy of them all, the most serious type of crime you could commit. Every state views them differently, and every crime can carry with it different punishments. It’s almost standard that any felony carries with it at least one year in prison, and you may very well have to serve your time in either a state or federal prison. There are a lot of aspects to be mindful of when facing a felony charge and you’re always granted an attorney regardless of whether or not you can afford it. The reason for this is because the circumstances surrounding the case are never cut and dry, and there are far too many variables to pay attention to.

Regardless of which level of charge you’re facing, an attorney should be by your side to help you get the best, and avoid any damaging punishments. For many of these, your future is on the line as well as everything else, and you don’t want to have that in jeopardy. You are important, and deserve the best that you can get. At Grozinger Law, P.A., it’s our aim to bring you everything you desire, and get you back to your life, rather than facing punishments for a lifetime.