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Orlando Burglary Defense Attorney

Have you or a loved one been charged with burglary in Orlando? If so, the best option for you is to speak with an Orlando defense attorney that can help you to figure out the best way to protect your rights and reduce possible penalties for you.

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In Florida, burglary is considered an act of unlawful or non-consensual entry into a person’s home or space. Even if you didn’t damage property or actually steal anything, this act is enough for you to be arrested on the charge of burglary. From the moment of the arrest, it is crucial that you seek legal counsel and protection from an Orlando burglary defense attorney as soon as possible. Contact us to discuss your charges: 407-730-3085.

Burglary Law and Penalties in Florida

As mentioned above, Florida law defines burglary as a person entering or remaining in a home, structure or conveyance without the consent or authority of the owner, and with the intent to carry out a felony or theft. There are different levels of burglaries which result in different penalties depending on the situation and the crime that was committed.

Third Degree Felony

Despite being the lowest level felony, there are still some heavy considerations and penalties that can take place. This charge occurs when an individual enters or stays in an unoccupied structure or vehicle. That person must also be unarmed and not commit any assault or battery. As mentioned, this offense still carries a heavy sentence. You could be looking at up to five years imprisonment and up to $5,000 in fines.

Second Degree Felony

A step above a third degree felony, this offense carries with it even more devastating penalties. If an individual enters or remains in a dwelling that is considered occupied or unoccupied, or any structure or conveyance that is occupied, and that person does not engage in assault or battery, this offense is the qualification. The main difference between this and the other is another occupying the space along with the individual committing the crime. Sentencing for this charge, carries with it a very steep penalty. Up to fifteen years imprisonment is not unusual, and you can be seeing up to $10,000 in fines.

First Degree Felony

If an individual commits a crime that can be labeled as burglary, but does so while also committing assault and battery, there is a very good chance that it qualifies as a first degree felony. Being armed with a dangerous weapon, explosives, using a vehicle to aid in the crime, and causing over $1,000 in damages are all serious offenses that add to the first degree qualification. A person convicted of first degree burglary may be sentenced to life imprisonment.

As you likely noticed in these descriptions, burglary crimes are almost always associated with other criminal acts such as assault and battery, and theft. We also advise to not confuse burglary with trespassing, as trespassing is considered when there is different intent in mind.

Your Defense

At Grozinger Law, P.A. we have highly skilled Orlando burglary defense lawyers that will look at your case in extreme depth and investigate to determine the best possible way to defense against your charges. Once we’ve figured out the strongest and most precise method to defend your case, we can aim to have your charges dropped to lesser charges with much more lenient penalties, or we can have your charges dismissed entirely. These options are not out of the realm of possibility, which is why we highly suggest seeking out an experienced Orlando burglary attorney very soon after your arrest.

There are some criteria that go into building your case which will make each defense different than the next:

  • Do you have a criminal history?
  • Did you commit another crime or felony during your burglary?
  • Was property destroyed or did you commit harm to a person or institution that you burglarized?
  • Is there proof beyond a reasonable doubt that you intended to commit a crime after entering?
  • What is the strength of evidence against you?

With these questions in consideration, our case can proceed under the proper guidance and direction. Each case is unique and, as such, particular care must be taken in order to ensure your best outcome. Keeping you out of jail is our ultimate goal, and having the answers to these questions can determine whether you’re looking at a long-term sentence or none at all.

Contact our Orlando burglary defense attorney today to help you with your case regardless of the degree of your burglary. One of the biggest issues with burglary cases is that convicted felons lose their civil rights and the respect of their communities, as well as putting your future in jeopardy. Our experienced lawyers at Grozinger Law, P.A. can help you overcome this troubling time, and give you a feeling of control over your life once again. You don’t have to go at this case alone, and we highly advise not to. Our offices are only a phone call away. Let us fight for you.

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Attorney Patrick Grozinger is Truly and Asset in the State of Florida, an ELITE Lawyer, Fast and Efficient, with proven track results. Five Stars Service. I highly Recommend his Law Firm , Do not make the mistake to go to another Law Firm. About my case: My Criminal Traffic Violation - 2nd Degree Misdemeanor, was reduced to a simple infraction with no criminal records and no points. My 2nd & 3rd Ticket were dismissed with no points on my Driver's License. This is a Plus for all UBER and LYFT DRIVERS! Thank You Patrick Grozinger!!
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Cory Stiles
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Facing charges can be an extremely stressful time in a person's life, and if you are like me, the stress can feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders. From the the first time I spoke to Patrick, he displayed an extreme amount of reassuring confidence and professionalism when it came to my case. When meeting with Patrick, he thoroughly outlined everything he was going to do for my case from start to finish while constantly reassuring me that he didn't think it would go that far. He filed very comprehensive and thorough paperwork the same day I hired him and within a few weeks was able to get my charges dropped before they were even filed. If you want to sleep at night knowing you have someone working for your best interest throughout your case, do yourself a favor and hire Patrick Grozinger.
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Willie Castro
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Mr. Grozinger did an awesome job. He was very informative right from the beginning. I saw all his reviews and they don’t lie. He got my charges dropped. I’d highly recommend Mr. Grozinger. Great Attorney with great results.
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Amazing attorney and straight to the point. Knew exactly the steps to take and how we were going to get the best result on my case, highly recommend giving him a call
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Thanks to my wife's online search and other's reviews, I had the pleasure of Patrick representing me in my criminal case. The results of the case were exceptional and everything was handled in professional and timely manner.
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Patrick was extremely helpful in getting my case resolved in a manner that was most beneficial to me. He took time to understand my case and made me feel like he had my best interests at heart.
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Jeremy E
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Very Good lawyer. He was confident in his ability to get my charges dropped and he did just that. He did a good job.
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warren thomas
19:59 24 Jan 18
I had used Mr Grozinger for my case. He was able to bring my case to a good ending. I found him prompt with returning calls and emails and kept me informed of the changes as they developed. He even followed up during, and even after my case was over to see how I was doing.
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