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Bar Defense

As a lawyer you are held to a specific set of standards and that includes how you handle cases with your clients. In the state of Florida, a bar grievance complaint might come when an attorney is accused of taking unethical action in a state courtroom. If this happens to you, you will need an experienced lawyer on your side and that is where Grozinger Law, P.A. comes into play. Patrick Grozinger has been handling all kinds of cases in the Orlando area for years and he can help you get through the complaint process. The attorney discipline system in Florida is quite simple and outlined on many websites for you to reference when an accusation comes forth. Complaints can come in various ways including the ethics hotline that the state of Florida has set up. If a client has accused you of unethical behavior, that person might have some questions so a few of them have been listed below for your reference.

How can I sue my lawyer for malpractice?

The first thing you should do is get a lawyer consultation about a malpractice claim. Using the lawyer referral service is one place you can find more information about this type of claim.

Can my lawyer settle a case without telling me?

No. A lawyer cannot go through the settlement process without you knowing about it. If you signed a release and change your mind however, the settlement could be enforced.

What if my lawyer seems to have a drug or alcohol problem?

You can contact the Florida Lawyer Assistance, Inc for more information about this type of problem.

How do I fire my lawyer?

ACAP suggests that you place a call to your lawyer and try to work things out first, but if that has not worked, you can write a letter describing your reasons for wanting to fire your lawyer.

Can my lawyer withdraw from the case?

In most cases, yes they can. If the case is already in court the lawyer must ask permission from the court to do so.

The questions listed are just a couple that a client might have before wanting to file a complaint against you as an attorney. This is not the entire list, but if you are found to be incompetent, abusing alcohol or drugs or participating in other illegal behavior, your client will have case against you. Finding experienced defense is going to be the key to helping prove the evidence on your side, or even proving the evidence against you is false. On the lawyer side of things there are a couple questions you might have like:

Why would the Board be concerned if I am arrested for DUI?

The fact is that you are an attorney and if you have an alcohol or drug problem, you might have a reason to neglect your case. Many attorneys in Florida that have been disbarred due to alcohol problems have even gone as far as theft of clients money.

What happens if I am denied after the Formal Hearing?

If you are denied after the Formal Hearing, the only chance that you have is to appeal to the Florida Supreme Court. Winning an appeal is not likely.

There are many reasons that a client might file a complaint against you and if this happens you have the chance to defend yourself just like any other person. Contact Grozinger Law, P.A. for experienced defense against Bar Complaints and start the process to keeping your reputation in one piece.

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Client Reviews

Eric Gros-Dubois
Eric Gros-Dubois
13:09 12 Aug 19
Patrick is the best criminal attorney that I know in Orlando!
Nelson Cheaz
Nelson Cheaz
16:49 13 Jun 19
Attorney Patrick Grozinger is Truly and Asset in the State of Florida, an ELITE Lawyer, Fast and Efficient, with proven track results. Five Stars Service. I highly Recommend his Law Firm , Do not make the mistake to go to another Law Firm. About my case: My Criminal Traffic Violation - 2nd Degree Misdemeanor, was reduced to a simple infraction with no criminal records and no points. My 2nd & 3rd Ticket were dismissed with no points on my Driver's License. This is a Plus for all UBER and LYFT DRIVERS! Thank You Patrick Grozinger!!
Cory Stiles
Cory Stiles
21:21 12 Apr 19
Facing charges can be an extremely stressful time in a person's life, and if you are like me, the stress can feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders. From the the first time I spoke to Patrick, he displayed an extreme amount of reassuring confidence and professionalism when it came to my case. When meeting with Patrick, he thoroughly outlined everything he was going to do for my case from start to finish while constantly reassuring me that he didn't think it would go that far. He filed very comprehensive and thorough paperwork the same day I hired him and within a few weeks was able to get my charges dropped before they were even filed. If you want to sleep at night knowing you have someone working for your best interest throughout your case, do yourself a favor and hire Patrick Grozinger.
Willie Castro
Willie Castro
04:43 01 Nov 18
Mr. Grozinger did an awesome job. He was very informative right from the beginning. I saw all his reviews and they don’t lie. He got my charges dropped. I’d highly recommend Mr. Grozinger. Great Attorney with great results.
17:25 09 Apr 18
Amazing attorney and straight to the point. Knew exactly the steps to take and how we were going to get the best result on my case, highly recommend giving him a call
02:06 07 Apr 18
Thanks to my wife's online search and other's reviews, I had the pleasure of Patrick representing me in my criminal case. The results of the case were exceptional and everything was handled in professional and timely manner.
Drake Taphorn
Drake Taphorn
20:49 30 Mar 18
Patrick was extremely helpful in getting my case resolved in a manner that was most beneficial to me. He took time to understand my case and made me feel like he had my best interests at heart.
Jeremy E
Jeremy E
22:46 03 Mar 18
Very Good lawyer. He was confident in his ability to get my charges dropped and he did just that. He did a good job.
warren thomas
warren thomas
19:59 24 Jan 18
I had used Mr Grozinger for my case. He was able to bring my case to a good ending. I found him prompt with returning calls and emails and kept me informed of the changes as they developed. He even followed up during, and even after my case was over to see how I was doing.
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